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Ryans workshops are a chance to learn directly from Ryan, and provide a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded musicians, students and professionals. For overseas countries workshops can be arranged via Skype as well as in person, and smaller groups have the chance to have one-one-one time for Q&A with Ryan for each attendee

Make Your Living From Music!

Are You Trying To grow your music career but find yourself struggling? Ryan Make Your Living From Music workshop gets down to the core of why you are struggling and gives you the tools to change things for the better. Participants find out about useful industry contacts and learn how to develop faster as a music professional. Includes an after-workshop checklist to keep you on track and a bonus worksheet to help you make $1000 in just one day from your music. Full of practical advice that will inspire you to action! 


Smash Songwriters Block!

Are you going through a songwriters block or simply need some fresh ideas with your songwriting? Ryan amazing songwriting workshop will help you overcome writers block and is a massive help to musicians of all levels, from complete beginners to industry veterans and songwriters who are already professional. This workshop features technical lessons on song structure, using hooks, writing better solos and endings for songs, as well as thought provoking lessons on putting meaning to your music, habits of the professionals, and staying inspired to write. A must for songwriters of all genres who need a boost! Note: This workshop is for musicians of all levels, from complete beginners to experienced professionals.


Music Organizations Workshop!

Would you like to know what organisations are out there that can help you with your music career? Ryan has been involved with many music organisations and teaches you not only who is out there, but how you can be a better member of these organisations too. Expand your awareness on groups that can help you, from music managers to record labels, songwriting associations to musical instrument clubs. Make sure that you enlist in the organisations workshop to lift the weight off your shoulders and find some outside help with your career!


Feel More Confident!

Do you know logically that you are good but sometimes lose confidence when talking to other people in the music industry? A lack of confidence is the number 1 thing that stops us from achieving our dreams, and Ryan will show you how to address this important issue to stay strong and build your confidence as a person and musician. Ryan has studied personal growth from the worlds best teachers, but perhaps more importantly has overcome a lack of confidence first hand, to smash through his own obstacles and become successful in many areas of music. Finally do something to feel confident and stay feeling confident, so that you stop putting roadblocks in the way of your dream!


Time Management For Musicians

"I Don't Have Time To Write". How many times have you heard this or even said it yourself? The truth is that we all are in charge of what we do with our time. Even if we work for someone else - it is up to us if we keep working there, or adjust what we do outside of work to live our dream. Being too busy can burn you out and is actually just as unproductive as having nothing to do. In this workshop Ryan shows you how he lives the way he wants to, after learning from being too busy - juggling between making a music festival, studying multiple online courses, running a tour of a country, writing original music, teaching students and being in a healthy relationship! Lose that feeling of being overwhelmed and learn how to feel more in control. Have more free time while being more successful by learning all about time management for musicians!



 "Ryan's workshop was very rich and holistic in content, it touched on the key elements musicians or music makers need to face and work on, including how you manage your time, dealing with confidence, planning your future and being strategic. He is not only very talented, gifted and passionate as a musician and composer, but also as a mentor and a trainer. He is very professional, organised and approachable. I found the workshop did make me think and reflect on my musical journey and how I can take steps to deal with my challenges. I think any musician or composer, regardless of their musical background or nature, would immensely benefit from a workshop or mentoring from Ryan. Don't think it twice!"

Maria Minguella
Award Winning Composer



 "I was a guest speaker at one of Ryan's workshops. The questions he asked me for his audience were very informative and knowledgeable. There is much more to songwriting than what can be taught. Ryan finds a way to reach a deeper level in his workshops and make his audience realize that they already have the necessary skills and talent to showcase their creative expression. It was a truly insightful and eye opening seminar."   

                                                                                                             Marcus Powell
CEO of the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa
Guitarist for Blacklistt




 "Ryan's wisdom is second to none. Through his life experiences he has compiled valuable lessons, presenting them as organized large-scale seminars through to one-on-one coaching with individuals.
He puts emphasis on the fundamentals for finding success on all levels including organization tactics, easy to follow steps to success, stepping out and asking for assistance, and maintaining a healthy psychology while following you passion and building a career out of it.
As an active member of the music industry, Ryan has many network connections and wishes to impart them onto young band and artists so they can find their feet.
His teaching style is very personal as he effectively engages with musicians, building confidence and a connection to teach through. He has a mature patience and down to earth attitude as he has experienced himself first hand many of the problems faced by artists today. Album recording, event organization, touring basics, marketing, legal
help and even band dynamics.. you name it.
Ever since attending Ryan's lecturers earlier in the year I have experienced a lot more gratitude towards my situations and rediscovered the motivation to excel in all areas of my career as well as working on myself as a person. I tend to work hard and wear out, sometimes forgetting why music is my passion. However simply by teaching me how to co-ordinate my thoughts and directing me to the right people within the industry. I feel far more accomplished and eager to take on more challenges. I have received measurably more business since and will continue to seek advice from him.
I highly recommend Ryan Kershaw's coaching to my students and peers alike, as I want them to experience his motivational energy so he can aid them as much as he has aided me.
Weather you're looking to becoming newly established in the music industry, being pushed to achieve your best, or simply discovering pathways and learning how to use new opportunities to your advantage, Ryan's coaching is for you."

Danny Champion
Live audio engineer.
Drum teacher.
Founder of DC Sound