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Artist Coaching And Career Guidance

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Are you a musician who is tired of trying to do everything on your own, and would like some help and advice? Top musicians and sportspeople have professionals in their corner to guide them and you can have Ryan consult with you personally, to lift some weight off of your shoulders while you learn new things and gain new music industry contacts. The 5 main areas of consulting listed below are based around Ryans amazing workshops, although you can also get in touch if you have questions that are in another area too. 


1.     Making Your Living From Music
2.     Breaking Songwriters Block
3.     Building Your Confidence
4.     Music Organizations That Can Help You
5.     Managing Your Time Better


“I have attended several workshops and mentoring/coaching sessions held by Ryan in the last 12 months. After the first “The Next Stage”, I have gained an insight and perspective into the NZ music industry and above all seeing myself in it. Since then I have been able to set clear goals and targets, from writing a biography, to planning and preparing pre-production for my first album. I have met key individuals, local to the music industry, that are able to provide valuable advice and experience when it comes to recording and having material played on the radio. Following the advice from Ryan, I have attended seminars held by the MMF and learnt much more and met others like myself along the way. I now see myself as being part of the music industry and understand that being the big 'Rock Star' is not the only way to make money from it. More importantly I can see my potential and choices available to me within the industry, whether it be sharing my knowledge via teaching, or sharing my music by releasing my material and having it registered with an association such as APRA. The world of music now has started to appear a lot smaller than it was to me before and those in it more approachable. Ryan’s support, approach, and at times counseling via motivation, using his knowledge and experiences is exactly what I needed in order for me to be honest to myself and acknowledge who I am. I am a guitarist, singer, songwriter, a self-managed musician, and friend to the NZ music industry”

Simon Randle
Wolfshield Guitar Tuition,  United Kingdom


Since I last saw you I have put a number of things into action.  I now feel I’m on the way to making music my full time career rather than just a hobby.  I have completed the score for my first commercial computer game (and they have asked me to do another one for them). I have composed for 2 animations, 3 commercials for SIT in Christchurch, a film for Tropfest film festival, and 2 more short films, plus some musical arrangements for an Auckland soul band.  I got paid for about 50% of this work, which is better than I was doing before!  
I have minimized emails as you suggested which has helped productivity. I think the most helpful things I got from our meeting were the encouragement to keep going, that what I wanted to achieve was possible, and that I could get there if I had a defined plan. That was definitely something I needed to hear, as it can be easy to get despondent in this tough industry.  Meeting with you has helped me to focus and to concentrate on becoming more professional in what I’m doing, as well as getting some great insider tips, such as thinking about distribution of my music via online platforms, and updating my website to be more focused for my clients and potential clients.
Now almost all of the jobs I'm applying for are paid. 
 I now feel that doing music full time is a realistic and viable career option rather than an unobtainable dream.
  Thanks Ryan!

Lois Paton
International composer                                                                                        


Invest in yourself now with regular on-on-one coaching sessions with Ryan to get things moving!
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