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Ryans Story


Ryan Kershaw was born in Papatoetoe, South Auckland, New Zealand. After working hard to become a successful musician and music teacher by his teen years, a rock n' roll lifestyle mixed with a creative, self-conscious teenage brain saw him lose it all. Finding it hard to adjust to being in the spotlight, Ryan started believing that everyone was staring and judging him, and even that they could read his mind. Everything that everyone said, seemed to be a metaphor in mocking him and the pain in dealing with that and the death of friends and family members lead to Ryan becoming broke with thoughts of suicide. Eventually, past the point of breaking down and numb to any reason to go on in the rat race, Ryan was diagnosed with clinical depression, and delusion of reference - a form of psychosis.



Performance from High School: 'Drowning In The Ice'


After working hard to make initial changes - a healthier lifestyle and counselling, Ryan had a moment that would change his life forever. He looked around his room and noticed that all of his heroes died young. The only books he had was of those that were in pain too. He knew he had to change what he feeding his mind. That moment led Ryan on the path of personal growth, which saw him reach out and learn from the best self development teachers on the planet, including Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor. Ryan Kershaw has since become a pioneer in combining personal growth with music education - writing a world first book, and creating online courses for music students and music teachers alike. He founded a music festival which gave artists a platform in the music industry and currently writes for various respected music organisations. Ryan has taught and inspired thousands of students from around the world and continues to write, record and perform his own creative original music, encouraging others to follow their heart despite the challenges they may face.

His sentiments are expressed in his high energy cover version of Voodoo Child 'I stand up next to a mountain, and chop it down with the edge of my hand; Pick up all the pieces and make an island - might even raise little sand...